I Love Art!

Hi! My name is Jenny Miller and I Love Art! I love seeing Art –

I love creating Art! Most of all – I love the way I feel when I am seeing and creating Art. As far back as I can remember I have loved to draw, color and paint. I would stare at a box of crayons forever before I could open it and start the spiritual process of deciding what colors I wanted to use and where – on a blank piece of paper or a page out of a coloring book. And now – I react the same way when I am faced with a box of colored pencils, a tin of watercolor paints, markers and just about any other media you can think of – and that blank piece of paper in front of me. Color My World!!

Through the years, the desire to create helped me with my success as a production artist. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree – so that meant I was an artist – right?! But along the way, I lost confidence in my ability to create – I was intimidated by the crayons and paint. Until a friend gave me a book about Praying in Color that involved creating mandalas. I bought my first adult coloring book and that was it! I found my abilities were still there after all – they had just been buried beneath all the stuff that living life brings to you.

So now I am like a non-stop artistic machine! I still work on my own mandalas, but I am slowly venturing out into creating other pieces of art. My work is very detailed-oriented and I like to do things that are pretty symmetrical. Lately I have been recreating some of my art in a program called Photo Echoes that makes anything look like a kaleidoscope. These pieces have given me a strong desire to design patterns for scrapbook paper, wall paper, gift wrap, fabric – anything that has a “step and repeat” pattern. I think that process is evident in some of my favorite artwork. I also love playing around with Zentangle. That is also a part of some of my favorite pieces of art. It helps me to concentrate and forget about the world around me.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with my artistic journey. I have faced my creative fears and I believe I have won. Hope you will agree with me. Enjoy my creations!